Friday, April 10, 2009

Corrections 3: 72 Madison Street

In a previous post I thought George Gogel and Morton White and his family lived in this apartment house, 76-80 Madison. They didn't, they lived at 72 Madison Street. That building was on the western side of Catherine. Len Polizzi, Nathan Steinfeld (Mike Zane's grandfather), and Hyman, Bertha, Solly and Lillian Sear (Barry Dolinko's mother) lived at 76-80 Madison.

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Anonymous said...

Len Polizzi never lived at 76-80 Madison Street. Len grew up above Gogel's store at 45 Catherine Street with his sister Leonora. Also in that building was the fruit store owned by the Brokowsky family. In that same building lived Franky (Fish) DiBernardo, Rocco Luisi, Richard and Jimmy Hearon.