Saturday, April 4, 2009

The George Gogel Story: Part 5

Above: a close up of the picture below

George Gogel's WW 1 draft card had him working for his father at a store at 46 Catherine Street. The close up shows a Photo Studio at 64. Someone else is retiring from a business (they didn't have "close-out" sales yet) further up. That could be a shoemaker also up the block in the close-up because that may be a boot sign. Somewhere on that side, nearby, would be the store that Marks Gogel owned in 1918.
Visible on the right side is Piccolo Brothers Dolceria and Pastecceria. It's right around where Larry Levy's father had a variety store in the 1950's. The Piccolo Brothers were in competition with the San Giuseppe Dolceria on the left (west) side of Catherine Street. Up Catherine Street in the wide view picture is the Five Points' Mission north of Madison Street. Above it is the ubiquitous Fletcher's Castoria sign.
It also looks like there is a cross sign hanging alongside the mission. The drug store on the corner of Catherine and Madison, opposite the mission, I think was Rich's Pharmacy.

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