Thursday, April 9, 2009

The House Of Tribes: 272 E 7th Street

Wynton Marsalis performing at a benefit at the House of Tribes located at the former residence of George Burns. I wonder if they know he lived there. Would anyone care?
THE HOUSE OF TRIBES is a small community theater on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. Founded by the Great Astrologer Kwame Adansi-Bona, The House Of Tribes lives in order to fulfill the dreams of others and bring joy to all.

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Anonymous said...

Peace and blessings,

Please note...The Late Kwame Adansi-Bona was merely a co-founder who stole the creative concept's Desiree L Crump; who was then his creative partner. It was Desiree L Crump's brain child and creative endeavor that she financed and produced it's opening event filmed by producer and director Paul De Silva. Kwame Adansi-Bona was a tyrant, who held a position as head of the tenants association. in 2000, Kwame Adansi-Bona, then proceeded in an attempt to steal Desiree L Crump's home @ 272 East 7th Street Apt3B. along with his baby's mother and cohort Dominic Bashamin. She was evected from the property. However Desiree L Crump remains in a fude over her home until this day.