Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Solerwitz Saga: Part 7, Charles' 1933 Cruise

The third oldest son, Charles, born in 1905 and a 28 year old single guy goes in 1933 goes on a two week New Year's cruise on the SS Columbia. It's a German boat. He's living in Harlem at 516 West 134th Street. The family is striving upwardly by escaping the lower east side. There are five sons, all single and one daughter. Everyone either owns their own furniture store or work as salesmen for others. In 1930, Sam, Henry and Max are listed as owners. Younger brothers Charles, William and Abe are salesmen. The one sister, Ethel, is not listed as having a job. They must be fairly successful because this is during the depression and Charles is cruising. Maybe he's cruising after Beatrice Sobel, a 27 year old single woman on the trip who lives at 275 Central Park West. BTW, there's also a Sam Silverstein among the passengers.

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