Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jose Torres In Tanahey Park And Pete's Heroes

The Godfather told me about an article by Phil Mushnick about Jose Torres in the nypost that mentioned Pete's Heroes and Tanahey. (The Godfather is still under the impression that the post is a real newspaper)
Here's a link to the full article:
The choice part:
On the way into the cafeteria, I ran into Torres, who was on his way out. He'd made for me a glorious, career-sustaining day.
The other: During lunch or after work we'd play basketball in the playground behind The Post. Sometimes Torres would play. You could tell he didn't grow up playing basketball. But his hands were so fast and strong, his aim so accurate, that on defense, when he swatted at the ball he almost always hit it, and flush, knocking it away.
Dom Marrano and Peter Tocco, citysiders - 35 years later, we remain friends - one day took a break from the game to walk around the corner to buy a soda at Pete the Hero King's. They returned with this:
They'd just run into a young neighborhood wise guy who asked, "Is that Jose Torres?" motioning toward the basketball court. "Yeah," they replied.
"Can he play?"
"Not really," said Marrano, "but he's got very fast hands."
"Yeah?" said the wise guy, lifting his shirt to reveal a pistol in his waistband. "Is he faster than this?"
Remember it like it was yesterday.

coming soon, plenty of KV chatter on Jose Torres

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