Saturday, November 22, 2008

45 Years Ago Today

from Rich.
Today is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. In my opinion, a monumental, if not significant, event occurring in our lifetime. I mention this in light of conversations I had during my meeting with my International Energy Agency committee last week. I was discussing with folks events in my lifetime for which today's youth have little appreciation; e.g., JFK, the British music invasion and generally 1960's music, and the Vietnam War. Perhaps I was being selfish assuming little of significance, aside from technological advances, has occurred in the recent 20-25 years. We had to get back to the meeting, but I hope the participants in my reminiscing appreciated the history all of us have seen. 45 years sure passed quickly.

from last year, a recollection from Howie
......44 years and 1 week since you broke your arm Marv reminded me that 5 days later Kennedy was shot.....meant to bring this up a couple of days ago in advance of the 44th anniversary which occurred at the beginning of last year in KV.....we were taking a social studies test that fateful Friday, last period in Mr. Klein's class in 65 when someone came into the room with the news, I heard Mr.Klein say,"don't tell them now..they're taking a test...".after school we hung out on Cherry (David Aaronson, Paul, Mark Schumer) and  debated whether it was disrespectful that the older guys..yeah you Allan, Bobby, Marty? were playing basketball at a time like this....funny how lines were drawn by grade and age.....later on in front of the courtyard still on Cherry, after a plane went by we speculated and argued for too long whether it was heading for if someone asks,"where were you when Kennedy was shot?..." it's all about the LES and hanging out on Cherry St.

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