Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Y.A. Tittle: 45 Years Ago, KV Chatter

KVers recall the Kennedy assassination, in reverse chronological order:
We were playing by 110, not KV. And I don't remember how Teddy spelled his name, but we always thought it was presidential. Obama wanted to make peace with Lieberman.
Teddy Roosevelt lived in KV/ WOW. Maybe it was Teddy Graf. I recall talking about the events in Tanahey Park with Dave, Stevie, and probably Bobby and Marty. We all agreed at that time that, at that particular time, we very very sensitive and unprepared for an enemy (Russia?) attack. Even then we were concerned about national security. On another note. Can somebody please explain to me why Joe Leiberman still chairs the Home Land security committee? Hasn't he done enough damage?
To answer Howie's question: It did happen on a Friday. We were scheduled to play a basketball game that night on the court by the East River Drive but didn't play. We did play on Sunday at PS 110, not sure if we were just playing or it was a scheduled game. I remember Teddy Roosevelt (sp) coming down to the court telling us that Oswald got shot.
Giants lost that day to the Cardinals.
45 years ago I ran into Stewie going to my 8th grade French class, Ms. Phifer, who just about everybody detested was my French teacher. I think Booby was in my class along with Stewie's older brother, Lenny. I didn't believe Stewie when he told me the president had been shot, thought him to be kidding; as he was prone to do. Turns out he wasn't
kidding; word came over the loudspeaker a few moments later about what had happened and Ms. Phifer broke down. I didn't hate her as much after that.
The episode reached a new level when Ruby shot Oswald on national TV. I didn't see it live. My mom did, and she went crazy. I heard her screams in the living room, came running in from the bedroom to discover that the whole world had been turned upside down.
I recall Mr. Kessler. He was a cold fish. I can just picture him going on with his quadratic equations.
I was in an algebra class at Seward Park and it was announced over the loudspeaker. The teacher(I'll never forget his name-Mr. Kessler, barely paused to acknowledge anything and then kept on teaching. I ran into Jerry and David on the way home and we stood stunned for a while.
Elinor: C'mon  it was only 45 years ago, of course we were in the same class, probably since 1st grade ...I was relaying what occurred the last period of the day which was Social Studies, period 8 on Friday, Mr.Klein our  Social teacher was giving us a test, it was about 2:30 when someone came into the room and whispered something to him and I heard him respond, "don't tell them now..they're taking a test..."   .... after that we went back to our official class (Schwartzbarth) and there was an attempt to broadcast the news over the PA system ... as for who actually broke the news to us for the first time .. could have been either teacher .... by the way you remember how I signed your graduation book? ... "To the first bird that could not fly..." .. remember the nickname Birdie? ...finally, one of the all-time greatest pieces of useless information, but one we can be proud of is the we graduated from 65 in '65 ...
Howie,.... I thought we were in the same classes at 65? I was in Ms. Schwartzbarth's english class when she TOLD us what happened. We all went straight home to watch the events on TV. I was supposed to be going to my dancing school class uptown on 47th that day but of course my mother wouldn't let me go and insisted it would be closed!.....If I recall correctly, we were in 7th grade at the time.

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