Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hold It, I Think You're Going To Like This Picture

In honor of Bob's birthday. One of my favorite sitcoms, although I never watched it when it was began, but when it was in reruns in the 60's. I remember it was on at 5PM on channel 2
First broadcast December 16, 1958
This is an original "Bob Cummings Show" print. Bob gets to be a judge in an Air Force beauty contest. This episode features Peter Lawford, Rose Marie, and Nancy Kulp with a bonus of the original Winston and Salem cigarette commercials.

The Bob Cummings Show (also known as Love That Bob) is an American television sitcom which was produced from 1955 to 1959. The program began with a half-season run on NBC, then ran for two full seasons on CBS, and returned to NBC for its final two seasons. The program was later rerun in the daytime hours on ABC and then syndicated under the title Love That Bob. The series starred Robert Cummings as a dashing young Hollywood photographer, Air Force reserve officer, and "ladies man". Bob Collins. The character's interest in aviation and photography mirrored Cummings' own in real life, with his character's name the same as the role he played in You Came Along (1945). The series also starred Rosemary DeCamp. The Bob Cummings Show was important in the development of several careers. One of the co-writers was Paul Henning, later producer of major 1960s hits such as The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, and Green Acres. Regulars in the show included Ann B. Davis. Henning apparently remembered cast members Nancy Kulp and Joi Lansing favorably, as both had roles on The Beverly Hillbillies, Miss Kulp as "Miss Hathaway" (secretary to banker Milburn Drysdale) and Miss Lansing as "Gladys". Perhaps the biggest career boost was received by young Dwayne Hickman, a student at Loyola University in Los Angeles, who appeared as Bob's nephew and became a favorite with young women in the audience. After The Bob Cummings Show ended, he was cast as the lead in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
This program represented the height of Cummings' television career. Although he made many further appearances as a guest star and again starred in a series in the early 1960s, My Living Doll, he never again achieved the success on television that he had with this program, which was rerun in off hours until black and white television series lost almost all of their audience in the 1970s and were essentially retired from syndicated distribution. Reruns with the title Love that Bob appeared on the CBN Cable Network in the mid-1980s, and the show remains in syndication on smaller stations and networks today. The episodes appear to have fallen into the public domain.

from a Love That Bob site
* The Bob Cummings Show (Love That Bob) credits Producer - Paul Henning
* Director - Rodney Amateau
* Announcer - Bill Baldwin
* Music - Mahlon Merrick, Lou Kosloff
* Bob Collins - Bob Cummings
* Josh Collins, Bob's grandfather - Bob Cummings
* Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz, Bob's gal Friday - Ann B. Davis
* Margaret MacDonald, Bob's widowed sister - Rosemary DeCamp
* Chuck MacDonald, Margaret's son - Dwayne Hickman
* Pamela Livingstone, birdwatcher that liked Bob - Nancy Kulp
* Paul Fonda, a military buddy of Bob's, would appear occasionally, Bob thought Paul was a wolf with the women, so Bob really didn't like it when Paul wanted a date with Margaret - Lyle Talbot
* Harvey Helm, Bob's Air Force buddy - King Donovan
* Ruth Helm, Harvey's wife - Mary Lawrence
* Tommy Helm, son of Harvey & Ruth - Charles Herbert
* Mrs. Neemeyer, neighbor - Marjorie Bennett
* Shirley Swanson, blonde bombshell, Bob's model - Joi Lansing
* Collette DuBois, Bob's model - Lisa Gaye
* Mary Beth Hall, Bob's model - Gloria Marshall
* Ingrid Goude, Miss Sweden 1956, Bob's model - Herself
* Francine Williams, Chuck's girlfriend - Diane Jergens
* Olive Sturgess, Chuck's girlfriend - Carol Henning (producer Paul Henning's daughter)
* Tammy Johnson - Tammy Lea Marihugh

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