Monday, November 17, 2008

KV Chatter: Secrets Of The Slugger

Some reactions to the post about the anatomy of the kv slugger
You were swinging too much from just your upper body and not using the strength and leverage of your legs. Your legs are the key to driving the ball-strong legs doesn't necessarily mean you're a fast runner, so don't fret about that. Work on your lower body strength and then at the next re-union we'll test your progress.  Or just follow manager Harry's advice and don't swing-wait for the walk!

Bruce Bueller was wildly pitching for an opposition team and Harry placed me in my first year playing for LMRC about two-three feet from home plate. There was no way I could reach anything over the plate. He told me if the pitch was anywhere near the plate, I could step into it but to be careful because Bueller was pitching. Harry was lookin' for the walk.

Interesting stuff Dave. I always thought that the greatest factors in hitting came from .
1. Hand eye coordination (wow what a surprise)
2. Bat speed.
3. A level cut: "hitting down".
Helped me in softball.

Al, in your case another factor was the tuna sandwiches from The King  and staying away from ham & cheese.

Chicken fats and rye bread could've had something to do with it.

Not to mention home-made malteds and milk shakes.  Oh how I envied that green mixer. Just as professional as the K & K's.

... I still have that green blender ... actually it's turquoise, and an original Hamilton Beach from the 1920's ... I think we got it from our uncles (Mom's brothers) who owned a toy store in Lakewood N.J. and at one time served up malteds and ice cream sodas .. Paul might remember that we used it to make malteds in the mid - late '70s when I was living at 19th St.& Avenue M in Brooklyn, usually after playing basketball - the key was to include ice cubes and a spoonful of malt ... Marty, you probably remember it from Knickerbocker days, today the blender is in retirement but still proud enough to pose for it's fans ... Marty .. here it is again in all it's glory ..enjoy. ... and just for the record - Ebay is not an option .. this is hard core KV memorabilia.

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