Friday, November 21, 2008

Turn The Beat Around: New Paltz

Where Kver Mark met his wife Jane in the late 60's and experienced a change greater than any promised by Obama. Supposedly this was a popular song of that time
New, New, New Paltz...
New, New, New Paltz...
New Paltz is good enough for me.
I ain't gonna work and I ain't gonna study,
Just gonna toke up with my buddy,
New Paltz is good enough for me!!!!!!

Manny was famous when I was in school for his heroes. Every Sunday night was Manny's heroes, delivered by Manny. He would walk the wings of each dorm (no such thing as security) and had three different types of heroes (Roast Beef, Turkey and Tuna). He probably sold every hero he could carry, because there were only two meals on Sunday at the dining halls, and both were served before mid-afternoon. So you might have made one, but not both. Halloween at the "Old Stone Houses" was fabulous. A lot of serious ghosts from the past. Actually Halloween at New Paltz was world renowned (in the late sixties and early seventies). A campus wide party that lasted for days.

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