Sunday, November 16, 2008

Advising Joe Girardi

Baseball is usually not far from the minds of ex KV LMRCers, even in the off season. "Brother" Ron's online conversations are usually filled with a trenchant analysis that goes beyond the scope of even the most informed fan. I often suspected the kind of scene suggested by the above, but now an admission:
My secret is out.
Yes...its true...I was the 'un-named source' advising the Yanks from 1995-2000.
Apparently my background as one of the founding fathers of "Fantasy Baseball Leagues" (1981- to present day) got the Yankee brass' attention...and having won 11 championships in 28 seasons gave me the credibility needed.
...Alas, since George has been sliding down that slippery slope of senility (2001- present day), and the H & H boys have taken over, I haven't been in the Yankee 'inner loop'...but they know my number...the door is always open.

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