Saturday, November 1, 2008

KV Chatter: Favorite Recipes

A recent topic for discussion amongst KVers has been favorite recipes. The discussion about Mamaliga lead me to find this video and this great site for Roumanian recipes and customs
Excerpts of the discussion
My mom was a real good cook. She used to make a Roumanian dish, it had a corn cereal-like texture, called "mamaligga", won't find this on spellcheck. I loved it. Anybody out there whose ever try it?

I don't know the spelling either, but aside from eating it, my dad used 'mamaligga' as part of the 'bait' when he went trout fishing (standing in the streams; casting like a dart thrower into the spots where the fish hung out) I don't remember how effective it was in catching fish, but your mom's use of it sounds more appealing to me!

FLASH--just spoke with my mom--brinza was like blue cheese that my grandparents used to spread on the mamaligga. Does sounds like polenta. Q: Why didn't the knish guy ever sell malaligga knishes?

Sounds like a version of grits or polenta. Was it a side dish? Were things added to it? Sweet or savory?

Cool-I had never heard of brinza. What about "Pitcha"-rendered fat served either hot (liquid of course) or jelllied(cold of course). I couldn't even stand the smell of it nor could I watch my father eating it. That was probably the biggest factor contributing to his heart disease!!

My sentiments exactly! I couldn't stand even looking at it.

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