Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Breaking News From Knickerbocker Village

Big stories to inaugurate the new year. To begin with an email from Mrs. Decker, a much loved 5th grade teacher from PS 177:
I am indeed the Ursula Decker who taught at PS 177. That was early in my career and those days are some of the fondest memories I have to this day. It was great to hear from you and realize that some of our students do think of us. Believe it or not we also retain memories of former teaching assignments and the students we met along the way. After leaving PS 177 I continued my career in the public schools on Long Island, retiring in 1993. Along the way I had 3 daughters, finished my doctoral degree, did some part-time teaching at the university level, got in a lot of traveling and am approaching my 54th year of marriage to my marvelous husband, Gene who is also a teacher and continues to teach part time at the college. Thanks for the contact. Have a great NEW YEAR

Other breaking stories to follow:
In the Who's Who That Used To Live In Knickerbocker Village Department
1. What former resident of 10 Monroe Street saved George Orwell's life during the Spanish Civil War?
2. What late Kver has been described as such?
"He was one of the most important prose writers of 20th century America - a writer whose sentences were composed with the care of poetry, and whose voice came through clearly in both fiction and nonfiction," said Wendy Lesser, editor of The Threepenny Review, where ...... was an advisor and contributor for more than 20 years.
"Lenny had a wonderful, hilarious, dark sense of humor and a great respect for serious things. He was irreplaceable," said Lesser, who first met.....when she was his student at UC Berkeley. .... received awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, the Pushcart Prize and the National Endowment for the Arts. His work was translated into about 10 languages.

Also I've found out that after Sol Press was the principal of PS 46 in Riverdale he became the Superintendent of District 10 in the Bronx.

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My parents lived in KV from 1940 until 1994. I was born there in 1944 and stayed there until