Friday, January 4, 2008

Whatever Happened To: Reggie Ingram

Can this be him in Denver, Colorado? My research team is working on it

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Unknown said...

I knew Reggie when I lived in his building. I spent a great deal of time playing with Reggie and knew his family very well. I lived at FI10 and Reggie lived a floor or two below. We had many friends in the building including.......Steven Pelley, Laurie Puhn and others that I can't remember. Our other friends were Cynthia Miller, Eddie Applebaum (Toby), Lynn Steinberg, Lois Ebert (mother Pearl, father Jerry), Judy Platin, Joel Sosinsky and certainly many others. I came upon this blog and memories flooded back............please contact me if anyone reads this and shares the history.
Rachel (Rosenthal)