Sunday, November 2, 2008

KV Halloween Memories

I remember starting at the PH floor, by Paul's apartment, and ringing my way down to the 1st if I could last that long. That was the era before razor blades in candy and individually wrapped candies being a necessity. Also, I do remember getting apples (not very exciting) and pennies for UNICEF. I am ashamed to relate I can't remember if I ever turned in the pennies, but I know the total each year was less than 70 Cents. One year, I actually made it to part of the E building, and I figure the sugar rush from that lasted into my adult life. Of course, I never did realize my dream of doing all six buildings in the courtyard in one night.
My mother wouldn't let me trick or treat either. She thought it was too dangerous. Not the F building in those days!!She also thought everyone was going to poison me.
I was allowed to dress up for school or girl scout Halloween parties. My sister was very talented and made costumes for me. One year I was the tin man. She put silver foil all over a cardboard box, cut out the arm and neck holes and bought me silver tights. Another year my sister made a court jester costume for me out of a pillowcase. She dyed it green and purple, hung purple and green bells from the hem and made shoes and a hat from felt. Again I wore matching tights. One leg purple and one leg green.
Now I live in the Berkshires and everyone does Halloween. It is a really big thing here. So now I go with my grandson, costume and all.
Hated it. First my parents wouldn't let me trick or treat. And we never opened the door. When I finally did make the rounds of the F building I found it unexciting.

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