Friday, May 1, 2009

They Found Cliff's Old Sear's Allstate Motorcycle :)

Comments from the youtube post
The bike is NOT a's a late 50's early 60's Allstate...roughly $249.00 new.

I have myself a 1954 Puch 250 SGS like this one on the vid but with Puchs own labels. I've just restored it and it runs well I'd say. One bad thing I've heard about them around here is that it has got serious heat problems when you drive it too hard.. though I've never had problems with that myself.

Then Corvairwild was right, it is the luggage compartment on the left side which he pointed at, the battery's on the other side, though the SGA, SGSA and also the MCH models had two batteries in the "luggage" because they needed extra power for the electric start (why you now needed that on a 250).

First since I am a Steyr Daimler Puch fan, so no offense 1949kf but what you forgot to tell was that this model came 53 and by then there were no japanese models in this class who stood a chance I'd say.. but I don't know why they made it until 1970 which they did..

I have a few go look by clicking my name. Tried to post one but it didn't work here...

I owen 4 of these bikes. There fun to drive around town. Real head turners.
My brother owned a nice red Sears Allstate cycle in the 50's. Left handlebar 3 gear shift. Single cylinder but don't know what cc it was. Sears sold a lot of cycles and I think....."Monkey Wards" did too...maybe not.

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