Saturday, May 9, 2009

Knick-Knac, Volume 1, No. 1-May, 1973

Marion Fox and her husband Larry put out this newsletter in the 1970's. She was gracious enough to give me copies so I could share with all.

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Joe Bruno said...

It was wonderfull to see the names of people I knew very well, but haven't seen in 25-30 years.

Ross Ascuitto was a police officer who sang first tenor for "The Neighborhood." Johnny Motts was the lead singer.

Dom Marino was the most muscled guy in the neighborhood. The first person I knew who worked out with weights. He was a great guy too. He got me started on a vitamin regiment I continue to this day. For a while, his parents lived under me at KG6.

Emilio Morelli- the unofficial Mayor of Monroe Street.

Father Joe Moffo. A prince among men

Ricky Gallaso, another sweetheart of a guy.

Nancy Sassi's husband Frank Sassi worked for me in my car service I ran out of Bruno's Parking lot.

Sucn great memories. Such great people.