Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Erde's: Part 2

Above, three separated times' articles about the Erde's that I put together in one pdf.
The first was about the 1936 murder of the family elder of that era, Morris. The night watchmen was arrested. In the second article the watchmen was cleared of suspicion. There are no further articles I could find about the who the murderer might have been. Finally a 1953 article about Sam, Morris' son who in 1953 served a jail sentence for health violations! I've never heard of that being done in more modern times. The business had shifted to Wyeth Avenue, which is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sam may have been the father of Marion's friend Ann Erde. It is not certain to me that the current owner of Moishe's in Manhattan is related to the Erde family.

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