Friday, May 1, 2009

Marion's KV Memories: Part 5

Marion continues with her discussion about the stores on Monroe Street. She mentions the mysterious "Catania," Dave The Cleaner's and the local supermarket "trio", Dave's, Kremo's and Gogol's. Marion and her family were friendly with the KV Dr. Bogart but she went to Doctor William F. Herzig, whose offices were on 9th Street and 5th Avenue. She spoke of her friend Ann Erde, whose family owned the famous Moshe's Bakery on East Houston Street. She mentions PS 177 and remembers her 6th grade teacher Miss Moran and her 4th grade teacher Miss Sterling. We discussed John Lamula and the reason why the square was named after him. I learned the mystery of 49 Market Street and the reason there is a horse head protruding from its facade.
The doctor who Cliff went to was Dr. Sussman
He's also mentioned in this installment of Cliff's KV Notes
The candy store that Sal Barone mentioned was discussed here
About Catania, Italy

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